New Role – Joining the .NET Folks

May 5, 2008

I’m excited to announce that I’ve changed roles within Microsoft. For the past month, I’ve been a part of the .NET product marketing team as the senior product manager for Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

What does that mean for this space? For this blog, it doesn’t really mean anything, to be honest. I will be blogging a lot more, but not here – I will be blogging to the team blog (which I will link once we’ve agreed on a blog name), I will be working with Ron Jacobs on some Channel9 shows, and posting in the forums more. So this will be more of a ‘hey – check this out’ roll, rather than a place for original WF content. There will still be occasional meaningful content, but it will probably be related to my weekend/side activities.

I’m very excited about the role – it allows me to actually talk about my work externally, since most of the content is not covered under NDA for .NET v3.x stuff, and the newer stuff as we move through the calendar year.

Cliff Simpkins