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I have returned from a couple weeks on the road. The month of October is turning out to be quite a busy one for me. As a result, I’ve been much more focused on all things work related, and have let a lot of my side projects slide – including my CodePlex project, leveling up my WoW character, and posting up here. Beyond work, the only thing that I’ve really done as of late has been playing a bit of Halo 3, which has been a lot of fun.

As an update to the weight loss, I finally got around to updating the Excel spreadsheet and generating a graphic for the blog. The chart has evolved a lot since my first posting a month ago or so – I’ve marked off when I got different foods back and general progress. I think it’s fascinating to look at how things have progressed over time, in particular how adding the 200 calories around week 13 started to slow things down, but then it started creeping down again.


The last couple weeks I’ve been on the road, finally visiting family and then doing a user conference as a favor for one of my colleagues. I’ll be out again next week for a few days doing another user conference (but this time for one of my partners). I really have to say that being on the road runs havoc on routine. Although there was some lose over the last few weeks, I’m wondering if it was just from poor eating habits – and overestimating the numbers on what I was eating, which I tend to do. I am currently thinking about reversing that trend and potentially overeating, because at this point we’re concerned that I am getting too thin.

Another interesting thing that I see, with the chart, is that some of the weight loss corresponds mostly to when new foods are introduced, which makes sense. The reason it makes sense to me is that I become hyper-sensitive to what I’m eating when a new food is introduced. Partly, I think I do this to prevent the new food from being removed, but as well I do this as I’m looking for triggers that may cause additional issues (like increased hunger). And these past couple weeks have seen the introduction of dried fruits, which I’ve been using in trail mix…which I’ve been consuming in MASSIVE quantities due to being stuck in a plane, in a car, or in other situations. The side effect of the trail mix is that it is high in fat (due to the nuts), which then declined the amount of calories I was taking in.

Next week, when I’m on the road, I am thinking of trying to rely more on soy crisps, as opposed to trail mix…and hope that it helps reduce what happened this past month. I’m also going to try and let go a bit more. Odd to put it that way – not something you typically hear from someone trying to lose weight, I suppose. 😉

Week 10 Progress

August 12, 2007

I passed the 16-week goal for the program this week, within week 11 of the program. And I’m in the process of tossing out (okay, donating…but tossing out sounds much more impressive) a LOT of old clothes.

I was looking in my meal tracker book and it’s fun looking at the numbers change on a weekly basis. So I thought I would put the numbers into Excel and do a quick chart.


 I am going to do the chart again as I finish up the program, and attach some dates onto the week numbers…I think dates are much more meaningful. In the end, I may make a photo book out of the whole experience. Which, of course, means that we probably need to start taking more pictures. But I will get some pictures of the clothes that are about to leave the house, because the size of the pile is quite impressive. I’m wondering if I should also get a picture of me in some of the old clothes before they go (many of them were purchased prior to my first weight loss effort a couple years ago – where I started at 260 and finished off around 220).

Looking at the chart, I marked off three lines – the baseline weight, the target weight that was set when I enrolled (we set a program target of 187, and my personal target was 190), and a new target weight (which we agreed upon last week as we crossed my personal target goal). At this point, everything is all gravy, as I weigh less now than I did in high school…which is pretty cool.

And there’s still a long way to go. When I finish up the 16 weeks of Phase I, I start a 12-week Phase II that focuses on maintenance and building/reinforcing the skills and information that has been learned in Phase I. But more on that in 6 weeks. 🙂

So I went for my first program sessions over the past week – all preliminary stuff:

  • Initial blood test
  • Initial counseling session
  • Initial fitness baseline

But this week the real work starts. This week I go to see the program doctor tomorrow, and then I have my first personal trainer and nutritionist visit on Weds. We talked about taking pictures on a weekly basis and putting them up on Flickr for family and friends, and that’s probably the route we’ll go – starting this week. It’ll be neat to see the progress over the next few months – the hope is to drop the last 40 pounds this summer.

They also set me up with a pedometer to keep tacked to my side and measure how much non-exercise activity I put out throughout the day – setting a baseline to ensure that this doesn’t decrease as exercise increases.

It’s amazing – I found a couple pictures from when we were back in Arizona, and it’s amazing to see how much weight I lost when we were in the Philadelphia area – I was quite the chubby monkey. I may need to post that up in Flickr as well. But it’s amazing to think how big you can be, but it just doesn’t feel like it at the time.