Brick Manager

Brick Manager is a Windows Phone app for browsing the Lego catalog and managing your personal Lego set collections on the go. You can use the app to view information about Lego sets and minifigures.

The app gets its information, images, and other metadata from BrickSet website, a pretty rich repository of Lego information. It’s also worth noting that there are other sites on the web that integrate with Brickset for providing additional information about your collection. For example, Rebrickable tells you what else you can build with the bricks you have from the assorted sets you own.

Using the app, you can view the following information on any Lego set that BrickSet tracks:

  • Set metadata (release year; number of pieces; number of minifigs; and set description (if available))
  • Images of the set (which you can then click into and pan + zoom)
  • Retail pricing (US and UK) as well as SKU barcode numbers
  • Instruction sets for assembling the set (really cool), which will open in your installed PDF reader




Version History

Version 1.1.3
  • Performance improvements in a number of places
    • subtheme cache data pulls every 5 days instead of at each launch
    • improved loading logic for the theme page to remove visual lag on subtheme pivot
  • UI improvements in a number of places
    • Cleaned up piece and minifig icons on the set page to look cleaner
    • Themes with one or no subtheme only show the sets pivot
    • Where instructions are not available, that pivot is now hidden
  • App now caches theme metadata and periodically refreshes, rather than pulling it down at each launch
  • Set thumbnail image display improvements
    • thumbnails provide a visual indicator to show if the set is owned or wanted
    • Added a default image for sets without an image
    • Thumbnails provide a loading indicator when they are loading
  • Extended larger image display to owned/wanted/search displays
Version 1.1
  • UI improvements
    • Main page UI overhaul – flattened imagery and reduced text
    • Theme default image and pieces/minifig images flattened
  • Sets displays using larger images instead of the list/details view
  • Improved the visual presentation of set to show more text
  • Autocomplete for themes and sets
  • Performance and stability improvements across the board – logic streamlined and largely rewritten
Version 1.0.3
  • Initial app published to store

Feature Roadmap

Below are features being considered/prioritized for future releases

  • Additional browsing categories: newly added, popular, etc.
  • Ability to mark bookmark themes into a separate ‘favorites’ list
  • Sortable lists (sort by year, theme, etc.)
  • Offline storage using local database

3 responses to Brick Manager

  1. Hello Cliff,

    I’m a Brickset user so I was happy when I found your app for WP.
    However it does not work as expected 🙁 Here are the issues:
    – the owned and wanted lists are empty (No data to display)
    – 2015 sets are not appearing in the catalog
    – set search is not giving any result (No data to display)

    My phone is Nokia 730 DS, 8.1 with Denim (8.10.14167.0).

    I would be very happ if you could update this very useful app! 😉


  2. I can’t seem to find the app in the Windows 10 mobile store. Is this app still available?

    • Hi Shahn – I hid the app in the catalog about a month ago for a number of reasons: my kids have been keeping me busy, I really never made more than $30 on it for all the time I invested (and still caught flak for the advertising in it 🙂 ). And the Brickset APIs were getting slow and required a lot of work to mitigate… Which started stacking up against keeping the effort going.

      All of that being said, I think you can use the direct link on this page to still get to the so listing and install. It’s just not searchable in the store.

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