Hello – This is my second attempt at a blog. I’m trying to rationalize broad communications and information dissemination in a ‘post-Facebook’ world.

As to me, at the heart things, I’m a tech enthusiast and father. My current passions include Windows Phone, my wife and kids, and trying to stabilize our new home. I used to enjoy playing games (console and MMO), but life has definitely put a limit on that.

Information on this blog will likely range as my interests and time to blog lead. Some material relating to my work may crop onto the blog, but I would like to remind my readers that all opinions and statements on this site are entirely my own, and not of my employer.

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  1. Hi. Re: Project my screen on WP 8.1. Do you know if its possible to connect via USB to a TV to project, play a game, and use a controller? Have a 1520 and think this would be a pretty awesome option if available? Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi Cliff, is possible to contact you to ask for little help for windows phone development, for the last GDR1


  3. Thank you for published because I have been learn a lot of knowledge.

  4. Thankyou soooo much for your help in getting project my screen from windows phone to computer, I followed your instructions about removing drives which I thought would be hard, it wasn’t, and hey presto it worked, been bugging me for weeks. Very happy United Kingdom.

  5. Hi Cliff, Project My Screen App is an awesome app in the Windows Phone world. Could you please tell me if there is a plan for supporting the keyboard input? I am eagerly waiting for this feature.

  6. Hi
    I wonder if you know, please, how I can transfer contacts stored on my Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone to my Windows 8 laptop using a USB cable connection?
    The 925 smartphone screen suddenly went dark yesterday and refuses to come back ‘alive’; however, the phone itself seems still to be working OK ‘inside’ [I can connect a USB cable from it to my laptop, and my laptop sees (and can transfer) all the photos etc folders on the phone – but not the ‘Contacts’].
    I always said I would get round to setting up a Microsoft Account for the phone, when all the Contacts would automatically have been synched to that – but (groan) I never did.
    I have taken the SIM card out of the phone and put it into another Lumia (920), and that works OK – phone calls and texts – but there are no Contacts stored on the SIM. I guess they must be stored back within the original 925 phone itself – but how to get them out? I cannot ‘drive’ the 925 at all, since its screen is dark and unresponsive (so I can’t simply do a Data Transfer, phone-to-phone).
    I would be happy to get all the Contacts onto my laptop in a human-readable form, and I could re-input them by hand into the new phone, if need be.

    Any ideas, please? Happy to make a financial contribution for a method that is really do-able, works, safely and soundly… Many thanks.
    Regards, Stephen Castell.

  7. Hai,
    i am using lumia 820 running 8.1.
    my phone fell down and now its touch digitizer is not working.

    in order to use project my screen app,i have to press yes in the phone screen when i connect to pc which i cant, as my touch is not working.
    is there any other way to project my screen?

  8. Just wanted to let you know I built the water table for my little girl that you had posted. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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