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We went and did some more biking on the SVT this past weekend – much of the same trail as the weekend before.

We started at the same place, the Duvall trail-head, and biked a few miles past the 124th St traffic circle. Alas, we didn’t get down to the blackberry bushes this time – it would have been a few more miles, and we started late in the evening (we got caught in other household chores and got started much later than originally expected). But it was a fun time.

As part of the biking trip, we had to stop by the bike shop and pick up some new items – which includes a full-scale bike pump (the hand-pump only gets you so far), a tire repair kit, and a cheap speedometer. We used the bike pump right there at the trail, which it paid for itself in that one afternoon – IMHO, and I need to add the other two accessories to the bike this upcoming weekend as we prep for the hardwood installers to come and visit next week.

I will be hitting the trail again this weekend with Peter (and a few other coworkers). We’ll be starting a bit further down the trail this time – probably starting in Carnation, WA – and trying to see exactly how far down the trail we can get. My personal hope is to get down to the Snoqualmie Falls, if not the end of the trail, but we’ll see where we end up.

Rails to Trails

August 20, 2007

I went out for a bike ride this past weekend – we caught the Snoqualmie Valley Trail at the trail head in Duvall and then biked down a few miles to the south.

It was fun – although we had bought bikes last year, we kept coming up with excuses as to why not to go out on any given weekend. I had become enamored with the Sammamish River trail (it runs 10 miles, from Marymoor to Bothell), and had wanted to bike that, but a coworker had suggested another trail that he had walked a bit off – so he marked out the parking lot to meet at and we started biking.

The trail is about 20 miles long, and is a part of the Rails to Trails program. I believe we did about 8 miles of it, then went back. We’re going to try and pick it up again this weekend, this time a bit further south, and see how far we can go.

As you can see by the picture, the trail is a dirt and loose gravel. It runs through a lot of farmland, corn fields, and past some very tasty blackberry bushes. The bushes were out there in the sun, just soaking up the rays and storing it as up sweet juice that I was sure to not ignore – it would have been disrespectful to mother nature after all.

And, the best thing about the trip was it was an excellent way to get some exercise without having to go into the gym! Granted, it wasn’t the most strenuous of work outs, but I like to think that we made up in length what it lacked in intensity. But I’ll try and get some more pictures from this upcoming week’s bike ride. While I got a lot of the scenery, there aren’t any of me on my bright red bike!

Week 10 Progress

August 12, 2007

I passed the 16-week goal for the program this week, within week 11 of the program. And I’m in the process of tossing out (okay, donating…but tossing out sounds much more impressive) a LOT of old clothes.

I was looking in my meal tracker book and it’s fun looking at the numbers change on a weekly basis. So I thought I would put the numbers into Excel and do a quick chart.


 I am going to do the chart again as I finish up the program, and attach some dates onto the week numbers…I think dates are much more meaningful. In the end, I may make a photo book out of the whole experience. Which, of course, means that we probably need to start taking more pictures. But I will get some pictures of the clothes that are about to leave the house, because the size of the pile is quite impressive. I’m wondering if I should also get a picture of me in some of the old clothes before they go (many of them were purchased prior to my first weight loss effort a couple years ago – where I started at 260 and finished off around 220).

Looking at the chart, I marked off three lines – the baseline weight, the target weight that was set when I enrolled (we set a program target of 187, and my personal target was 190), and a new target weight (which we agreed upon last week as we crossed my personal target goal). At this point, everything is all gravy, as I weigh less now than I did in high school…which is pretty cool.

And there’s still a long way to go. When I finish up the 16 weeks of Phase I, I start a 12-week Phase II that focuses on maintenance and building/reinforcing the skills and information that has been learned in Phase I. But more on that in 6 weeks. 🙂