Archives For May 2007

So I went for my first program sessions over the past week – all preliminary stuff:

  • Initial blood test
  • Initial counseling session
  • Initial fitness baseline

But this week the real work starts. This week I go to see the program doctor tomorrow, and then I have my first personal trainer and nutritionist visit on Weds. We talked about taking pictures on a weekly basis and putting them up on Flickr for family and friends, and that’s probably the route we’ll go – starting this week. It’ll be neat to see the progress over the next few months – the hope is to drop the last 40 pounds this summer.

They also set me up with a pedometer to keep tacked to my side and measure how much non-exercise activity I put out throughout the day – setting a baseline to ensure that this doesn’t decrease as exercise increases.

It’s amazing – I found a couple pictures from when we were back in Arizona, and it’s amazing to see how much weight I lost when we were in the Philadelphia area – I was quite the chubby monkey. I may need to post that up in Flickr as well. But it’s amazing to think how big you can be, but it just doesn’t feel like it at the time.