Previewing SVG files in Windows

It’s surprisingly easy to show Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) file previews in Windows Explorer, by using a Windows Explorer Extension. Having a visual preview of the imagery in Windows makes a world of difference when working with visual assets, such as PowerPoint. By default, browsing a folder of SVG files looks like the below, with […]

Looking for #WPDev opinions

In October, I’m interested in getting thoughts and opinions from the Windows platform development community in my ~annual pulse of the Windows developer community. This year’s survey focuses in on asking less about what you’re doing, and more on why you’re doing what you’re doing. This information will be used by my team to adjust […]

SQLite on WP – DB schema management

As I started working with SQLite as a place to store my data, I began thinking about my app’s changing data scheme and I wondered: ‘how do I handle change management in my local database?’ This blog entry outlines my approach to solving this issue, which basically boils down to tracking the data scheme version […]

WPDev: Talking to XML web services

This blog post starts to cover a number of interesting Windows platform development challenges that I ran into as I built out my Brick Manager app. While the code was initially written for Windows Phone, it also applies to building Windows Store apps. Given that I started the app out as a learning experiment a bit […]

Socializing your app in Windows Phone 8.1

This is a blog post that has been sitting on my laptop, all written and ready for posting, for just about two months now. I worked on the post when Jeff posted his social extension for 4th and Mayor…but shelved it when the topic died down. When talking with my colleague, Larry Lieberman, about the […]

Projecting your Windows Phone screen to a PC

One of the common questions I’ve been getting over the past week from folks has been how to take advantage of this semi-obscure ‘Project my Screen’ entry that was added to the settings collection with Windows Phone 8.1. This entry is enabled in one of two ways: by using Miracast capabilities delivered in 8.1, and […]

VS Issue: Designer failing

Update: I believe I solved this issue, and this post has been refined to point to the actual issue (and not the way I treated the symptoms of the bad cache).   I was running into an issue while developing in my Windows Phone app in Visual Studio. After banging my head against the wall […]

Talking on designing apps for success

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting AppCampus in Helsinki. While there, I spent time with each of the teams in residence reviewing their apps and their app strategy, and I even did a short talk to the group that starts from the subject of app decay and what developers should consider to avoid […]

Windows Phone Dev Unlock for All

A couple weeks ago, as part of a fairly sizable ‘August update’ blog post, the Windows Phone team announced that they expanded developer unlocks to enable hobbyist developers to unlock their personal device to test their code on a real device. After a number of questions on the topic via email and Twitter, I thought […]